Thursday, 30 September 2010

What else can go wrong !!!!!

Another horrid day, Hubby has had a car accident and his beloved MX5 is no more. Some plonker cut up right in front of him and totaled his baby. Hubby is covered in bruises and welts from the seat belt and air bag, but other than still in shock he's ok. We deffo need this holiday nxt week.


  1. oh my gosh tracy, what a bad few week you have had hun, hope simon ok xxxx

  2. Thankfully your hubby is relatively ok and though his baby isn't she can be repaired or replaced , I know its not the same thing but the important thing is your hubby is still whole and intact as he couldn't be replaced. It's things like this that put life into perspective and make us thankful for what we have. Hope you both have a well deserved and trouble free holiday to help you feel refreshed, you really sound like you need it. Hugs.

  3. Hey Hun, just popping by to say hi! im so sorry to hear about your hubby! tho im very glad he's ok!! lots of tlc needed!!! hugs carlyann xxx