Sunday, 1 May 2011

Smashing Time

Hello to all
Hpe your enjoying this nice sunny weather were having.
Well it been a week since my last blog, still not getting the hang of it.
It's been fun an games and a few tears..... I missed the last 2 steps of a ladder on Friday at work and what have i done......just broke my flippin foot. Its now in a temp cast till tues for swelling to go down and then comes the new one.
Guess where i suppose to be going next Monday..........
On an Areoplane to DISNEY. We won't know till tuesday if i'm able to go, Hospital have to put a special cast on (if they will and it suports my foot) and then Virgin airlines have to ok it.
Then if all is ok i have the pleasure of not going on most of the rides and no water slides for me.......Least i've got out of driving over there....hehe.
Enjoy the day

1 comment:

  1. oh hun poor you,so sorry about your foot hun take it easy and take care hugs cheryl xxx